Here's a small collection of sample videos, including commissions as Producer, Director and Editor.

Funke and the Two Tone Baby: Heavy Feet (2016)
Producer/Director, Editor, Camera
Format: 2K, FS7

My second video for huge talent, 'Funke and the Two Tone Baby'. This one is a live session video showcasing his skills.

Joel Tarr: Blacksmith (2016)
Self-Shooting PD, Editor
Format: 4K, FS7

Shot to test the 4K capabilities and log mode on my FS7, this is the second short film I produced for Joel Tarr, an independent blacksmith. See the older version below.

Joel Tarr: Blacksmith (2015)
Self-Shooting PD, Editor
Format: HD, FS700

Short promotional video for Joel Tarr, an independent blacksmith. Shot in an afternoon at his workshop in Kent, with the Sony FS700 at 50fps, 150fps and 200fps and lit with just two LED panel lights.

IC1s: Beautiful Ugly (2013)
Format: HD, Arri Alexa

Impressed with the previous video and now armed with management and a larger budget, the band asked me to work with them a second time. We decided to move away from the band performance and instead focused on a narrative. I insisted that the second video should have better production values, so we hired DOP Stil Williams and the Arri Alexa. Produced by Zebrafish Media.

Funke and the Two Tone Baby: Battles (2013)
Format: HD, C300

Music video for one man band, Daniel Turnbull AKA 'Funke and the Two Tone Baby'.

Daniel is a local talent I discovered whilst looking for musicians to take part in another project. He contacted me about creating a music video and we very quickly started to discuss ideas.

He had recently jammed with a huge drum troupe from Hastings and we discussed ways in which we could incorporate them into a video. For me it was a clear opportunity to do a 'one shot', choreographed steadicam video - something I've wanted to try for a long time.

The Dandies: Battle Cry (2011)
Producer/Director, Editor
Format: HD, Red One

I was commissioned to create a first time music video for this indie band (now re-named 'Coastal Son').

We agreed that the first video should be solely performance based, as a form of public introduction to the band, but with great production values for the modest budget.

Drawing inspiration from the (18th/19th century) historical provocation of the band name, I decided to shoot in an old fort and have some fun with smoke and lights.

The View (2009)
Producer/Director, Editor
Format: HDV, Sony Z1 & P+S Technik 35mm Adaptor

This was my first short film after leaving university in 2008. It is self-funded and was shot in one day at Samphire Hoe in Kent.

The film asks the question, 'what if a place had memories?' and tells of the emotional significance of a location on its visitors.

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